Product Management Launchpad

As you prepare yourself for the marketplace, you can take charge of your career by breaking into a core tech role without learning how to code or getting another degree - even if you have no previous tech experience.

Date: February 12th - April 29th, 2024

Layoff-proof your career

Break into Tech

Make Bigger Impact

Increase your earning

Product Management has caught your attention

Having just finished from university, imagine a world where your skills, maybe even your previous experience and passions align, where you can carve a rewarding path in the tech industry, without the need to learn coding or go back to school. That world is Product Management—a realm of growth, and endless possibilities.

Product Management has caught your attention for obvious reasons.

The only question is "Where do you start?" and "How soon can you land a role?"

Don't know where to start?

We've got you! We have 100s of students who've successfully landed Product Management roles, without previous tech experience - and you can too. Once you scale the 3 most common obstacles you'll face when you try to do it all by yourself:

You're not sure how to transfer or package the skills.

You don’t have access to insider information or “network” to connect you with the jobs.

You don't know how to tailor your CV and ace interviews for Product Management roles.

Start here!

Land your first Product Management role within 6 months by enrolling in Product Management Launchpad (PML).

This program equips you with everything you need:


Hone the Product Management skills required to stand out and build the competence necessary to accelerate your PM career.


You'll leave this program, with a winning Product Manager CV and the ability to ace any Product Manager Interview.


No experience? No worries! While we do not promise product management placements, we support you on this journey to help you as you apply for jobs.

Product Management Launchpad (PML)

PML was created by the #1 accredited AIPMM Partner in West Africa

Enroll in PML now and save yourself months of trial and error, endless research, and generic career advice.

With our step-by-step curriculum, live coaching, and supportive community, you'll achieve your dream of becoming a product manager in tech - even without previous PM experience.

Accelerate your Career

While other courses give you tons of information, PML will help you land your dream job in product management quickly and confidently. Within 12 weeks, you'll kickstart your PM career:


Transfer your Experience
  • Identify product manager skills you already have - despite unrelated experience.
  • How to land a Product Management job in tech PLUS practical steps to communicate your transferrable skills.


Build your Product Portfolio
  • Build a product from scratch: Identify and learn the major skills and tools needed to build, launch and review a product.
  • PRD walkthrough template PLUS a project so that you have your own product portfolio.


Stand Out during Recruitment
  • Craft a compelling Product Manager CV, and excel in every Product Management interview.
  • LinkedIn optimization toolkit PLUS a mock interview with personal recommendations and immediate feedback.

What You'll Learn

Discover and develop your product management skills.

Capture the attention of potential employers with a well-crafted CV that highlights your product management skills, key strengths, experiences, and accomplishments.

Gain insights into the product development life cycle and understand the key tools utilised at each stage.

Learn commonly used PM tools and frameworks, empowering you to drive efficient collaboration and deliver outstanding products.

Understand the distinctions between wireframes and prototypes, unravelling their unique purposes for product development.

Uncover the secrets of effective communication: learn how to engage engineers and captivate designers.

Master the process of building comprehensive user personas enabling you to create accurate representations of your target audience.

Unlock the secrets of effective user interviews. Harness the power of customer insights to aid product discovery.

Gain practical insights into crafting product release strategies and leveraging customer feedback to drive continuous improvement.

Discover the secrets to building an impressive product portfolio and unravel the intricacies of a product manager’s responsibilities.

Gain confidence answering product management interview to impress interviewers.

Explore effective strategies for tackling behavioural and situational interview questions, enabling you to navigate challenging scenarios.

Harness the power of online platforms to craft a distinctive personal brand, attracting attention even before landing your dream job.

Discover how to craft a captivating LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers.

Hone your presentation skills as you communicate the value and potential of your product during your capstone product presentation.

Uncover the secrets to building an impressive product portfolio and unravel the intricacies of a product manager’s responsibilities.

Experience a personalised 'mock interview' session allowing you to practise and refine your interview skills with constructive feedback.

Harness the wisdom and experiences of successful product management practitioners, learning from their journeys and incorporating their valuable insights into your own skill development and career advancement.

Date: February 12th - April 29th, 2024

Your dream career is calling. Take the leap! Enrollment closes in:


You missed out!

Here's everything you'll get:

Say goodbye to slow career growth and limited earning potential. PML gives you everything you need to transition into tech through Product Management, no matter your professional background, or experience level

Proven Curriculum

From theory to practical application, PML provides the tools to set you up for your career with Case studies, Templates and practical Knowledge.


With self-paced option, there are no fixed deadlines or rigid schedules. Whether you're busy at your primary place of assignment (PPA) or balancing multiple commitments, you can tailor your learning experience to fit your lifestyle.

interview MOCKUP

Learn how to prepare for your interview. You’ll learn how to answer industry-specific interview questions.

Linkedin challenge 

Participate in a daily LinkedIn challenge to tell your community about your Product Management skills and learnings.


Save time with templates like our PRD guide, software engineering glossary deck, and more

CApstone project

Participate in a project that hones your Product Management skills and strengthens your CV.

PLUS Bonuses worth paying for:

Bonus 01
Extra 3-months Access

Enjoy an additional 3 months of access to the course materials, ensuring you have ample time to reinforce your learning.

Bonus 02
PML Community

Join a friendly community where you can collaborate, share insights, access opportunities and grow your network.

Bonus 03
Certificate of Completion

Receive a prestigious, industry-recognized certification upon completing the program, to showcase your expertise.

Get started now with the investment that will pay dividends throughout your career

Secure an exciting Product Management role in 6 months? It's possible!
Enrolment closes on February 9th, 2024. Choose from one of our payment options below:



Two (2) time payments of

  • 100% Online
  • 12-week PML Curriculum
  • LinkedIn Challenge
  • Access to PML Tribe
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Save 3%


Pay at once and in full

  • 100% Online
  • 12-week PML Curriculum
  • LinkedIn Challenge
  • Access to PML Tribe
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Save 5%

Another Payment Option

If you prefer to make a Bank Transfer, send the payment to:

United Bank for Africa (UBA) | 1026158825 | ProductDive

Kindly send your evidence of payment to

Only Authorised (AIPMM) Training Partner, West Africa

PML is a program by ProductDive, the only authorised AIPMM Training Partner in West Africa. Our curriculum is proven, backed by over a decade of experience. We have 1500+ alumni representation in the most successful tech companies across several industries including health tech, fintech, ed-tech, and more.

Hi! I'm Tobi Otokiti

10 years ago, I got tired of my role in a software organisation because I didn’t really enjoy programming. I felt I could do more with my strengths. I wanted a job where I could use my soft skills to get results without programming.

I wanted a job that was exciting and dynamic so I could keep learning new things. I wanted a job that would always be marketable and globally recognised.

I started taking certifications and training programs to help me identify what I would like. I took Oracle certifications, CCNA, Huawei Certified Data Com, Customer Support, Animation, name it!

Until I discovered Product Management.

Product management was the best fit for my personality. It helped me harness my creativity, exhibit my strengths, and work in tech without programming.

Today, I lead a team of product managers in one of the top tech companies in Africa, I’ve spoken at global conferences including the world’s largest Product Management Conference "Mind the Product", Africa Tech Summit, The Women in Tech Conference, etc. I’ve been interviewed by BBC, I'm on Forbes Technology Council, and to be honest, it took me a while to get here. I did not know what I was doing or what was expected when I started a Product management role. I could not find a lot of practical training or a lot of people to ask for help.

That's why I started ProductDive and created this program. PML will save you time, money and shorten your learning curve. Take the leap and enrol today so you can quickly begin this exciting and rewarding career.

Who needs this course?

Work smartly & Get results quickly.

The journey is harder alone. Let's surround you with talented Product Managers, job opportunities, and a support network that will accelerate your career.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the course for?

You have just finished university and right now serving your country in the NYSC program, and you have no prior experience in building digital products as a product manager.

What's the duration of the program?

The curriculum and self-paced learning (completely online) last for 12 weeks.

How is the curriculum delivered?

It is delivered virtually.
1. Self-paced quality video lessons.
2. 20+Workbooks, PM Templates.
3. Access to exclusive PML tribe.

When I make payment where can I send the evidence of payment to?

 Kindly send evidence of payment to

For more enquiries, reach us at

I'm already a Product Manager. Can I enroll?

We understand why you'll want to invest in quality Product Management training, but this is not the right one for you. Instead, we recommend Product Manager Blueprint, our life-changing program tailored for practicing Product Managers like you. You'll love it! We'll be delighted to answer any question. Please email

How do I qualify for the certificate?

These are the 3 criteria for getting the certificate of completion:

1. You've completed payment.

2. You have completed the course to 100%.

3.You have done your capstone project.

I still have other questions not answered yet.

Thanks for your interest. We'll be delighted to answer any question. Please email:

Here's what to expect after joining PML


Within 24 hours, you'll get an email from us with information about upcoming dates, what to expect, and how to prepare. No email yet? Check the junk folder as well. We've got you!

3 Months from now

Your CV will stand out in any application, you’ll ace PM interviews because you’ve learned from the best and are plugged into the most resourceful PM community you know.

6 Months from now

You’ll go from not even understanding Product Management lingo to landing your dream  job quicker than you expected and thriving as an excellent product manager.


PML serves as your launchpad to a resilient and thriving career in the tech industry.