Get a job as a Product Manager

What you'll learn

Create a strategic plan that will help you to transition successfully into a product management role

Learn how to impress the hiring team during your PM interview

Identify the right skillset you have to transition successfully into a product management role

Get a true understanding of the Product Manager role

How i got my first pm job - tESTIMONIAL

I attended the ProductDive school in January 2020. Before that, I knew very little about what it entailed to be a Product Manager but I was curious and I needed to take a different direction in my career. The training was enlightening on how to best position yourself for a PM role in the job market. Attending ProductDive equipped me with the foundation I needed to get my first PM job at SeamlessHR. I cannot thank ProductDive enough for the value and knowledge they passed on to me.
Fumnanya Okeleke-Kooper
Product Manager SeamlessHR
Getting my first PM job was made possible because of the trainings, coaching, PM interview preparations that I got from ProductDive. I totally recommend ProductDive 100% if you need helping in successfully transitioning into product management.
Tosin Dada-phillips
Product Manager PalmPay

Meet your instructor

Oluwatobi Otokiti is driven by a desire to help others become highly-skilled product managers.

She is the Senior Growth Product Manager at Flutterwave with over seven years of experience building products across multiple industries, including Financial Technology, Education Technology, Logistics and Event management.

She helps businesses discover, manage the development and delivery of a product to customers.

Before Flutterwave, she managed edtech applications that enabled Andela to become operationally efficient and to scale fast. At Interswitch Group, she managed payment products that enabled users across Africa to perform seamless financial transactions.

She is the founder of ProductDive, a product school that has helped over 1500+ product management professionals by providing the right skill sets through practical workshops and career support.

She is a thought leader in the product management industry with a focus on shaping the tech industry, which is essential for an innovative and thriving African digital economy.

Tobi is a Certified Product Manager, and she holds a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Computer Science..



Frequently asked questions

The course starts on the 29th of May 2021 and runs for 9 weeks.

You’re a career professional from any background/ industry who doesn’t have prior experience in building digital products as a product manager

1) How to showcase your product manager skillset 2)How to build your first product portfolio i.e In this module, we will be building a product from scratch so that you can have a product portfolio. 3)How to impress your PM Interviewer so that you can get your first PM job

1) 5 Live online coaching sessions
2) Self-paced quality video lessons
3) 20+Workbooks, PM Templates
4) Access to exclusiveTPM tribe

Yes, you will get a certificate that shows you have completed the transition into product management course and are a great fit to get a new PM job

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