Technical Product Management

Tailored for product Management Professionals seeking to excel in API strategy regardless of technical background.

Date: August 31st - September 21st, 2024
Morning Session: 9am - 12pm (GMT +1)
Afternoon Session: 3pm-6pm (GMT +1)

Elevate your Skills

Stand out

Compete Globally

Land Technical Roles

Product Management can be complex and competitive

APIs are in high demand across industries. In these times, you will need to explore how acquiring this skill set makes you a valuable asset to employers and keeps you at the forefront of the tech landscape.

APIs are the unsung heroes of modern product management. They provide the tools and capabilities that empower product managers to build innovative, user-focused products and drive their organizations toward success. As a product manager, embracing the power of APIs can be a game-changer in your journey to deliver exceptional products. This is an online program designed to teach you how to achieve this goal.

That’s why we created Technical Product Management Program

Technical Product Management Program (TPM) helps you elevate your skills, unlock the full potential of API product management and in turn you qualify for technical roles. 

This program is for you if:

You are already a practicing Product Manager

You want to grow in your unique niche as a technical product manager

You want to learn the secret sauce behind-the-scenes of wildly successful products.

What you'll Learn

The Product Manager's Dilemma: Understanding APIs as a Product Manager and Common Challenges

In this module, you will begin by understanding the concept of APIs, how they act as bridges that allow different software systems to communicate and share data. Also, you will learn the need for products to scale efficiently and adapt to evolving requirements with the help of APIs.

Introduction to API management: API management Overview,
API Specifications and API Design

Grasp the fundamentals of API management, its significance, and its role in enhancing API development and governance. In this module, we delve into Graphql, SOAP, and REST fundamentals. Emphasizing best practices and integration strategies. Practical applications and use cases, coupled with insights on adapting to diverse API environments, will provide a holistic approach.

Developing secure API platforms: Security & Governance

Learn how to implement robust security measures to protect your APIs from vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry standards.

API lifecycle Management and measuring success

Gain expertise in API lifecycle management, including designing, developing, testing, deploying, monitoring, and optimizing APIs for optimal performance.

Developing an API platform strategy

Explore effective API platform strategies for SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) environments, empowering product managers, developers and building innovative solutions.

Tools to be learnt:



How it Works

While other courses give you tons of information and lists, TPM provides support, training, and a system you can confidently follow to accelerate your career.


100% Virtual, Live online Training
  • Get exposure to industry information and everything you need to stand out as a Technical Product Manager. Plus accessible replays.


Real-time interaction and networking
  • Connect with industry professionals, share insights, learn opportunities, ask questions, and expand your network.


Gain Practical Experience Hands-on Case studies
  • Put theory into practice with hands-on exercises and projects designed to simulate real-world challenges faced by API product managers.

Class Schedule

For 4 Saturdays

Morning Session: 9AM - 12PM WAT (GMT +1)

Afternoon Session: 3PM - 6PM WAT (GMT +1)

Date: August 31st - September 21st, 2024.

Here's everything you'll get:


comprehensive Curriculum

In this program, you will get an in-depth learning on all levels. You will learn the API Fundaments, practical hands-on application that will guide you through the creation of API and integration into real world scenarios and dive deep into advanced concepts including API security, RESTful vs. SOAP APIs and best practices for API design. 


Benefit from unlimited access to our experienced learning facilitators who will guide you through concepts and give immediate, personalized feedback.

certificate of completion

Upon successful completion, receive a certification recognizing your achievements. Showcase your new skills and knowledge to employers or add a valuable credential to your professional profile.

Interactive labs and projects

Get hands-on experience. Collaborate with peers to work on practical projects, applying your newly acquired API skills to real use cases. Put your knowledge to the test with live coding labs that simulate real development environments. Build and manipulate APIs under the guidance of an expert instructor. 

Simplified Learning  

From Complex to Simple. Our program breaks down complex technical concepts into digestible modules, ensuring accessibility for all learners, regardless of your technical background.

Live classes

Engage in 10 live group sessions where you'll receive personalized feedback and answers to your burning Product Management questions.

100% Online

The PMB program is entirely online, offering you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your home. 

expert instructor

Learn from an industry veteran. Your instructor is an industry expert with years of hands-on experience in API devevelopment, implementation and management. You will get personalized guidance and feedback as you navigate the program. Your instructor is here to support your learning journey.


Learn directly from success stories. Explore real-life case studies from various industries, showcasing how organizations have leveraged APIs to solve complex challenges and drive innovation. Gain inspiration and insights from their journeys.

class recordings

All live sessions are recorded, ensuring you have access to review, catch up, or dive deeper into the content whenever suits you best for 3 months.


Access to instructor notes from industry experts that you can study any day any time of your choice.

alumni hub & job board alert

Whether you're seeking career advice or exploring job prospects, our Alumni Community and Job Board are valuable resources to support your ongoing professional growth. Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive access to exciting opportunities.

Career Possibilities

Here are roles that you can look out for:

  • Technical Product Manager, Integrations
  • Technical Product Manager, API Management
  • Technical Product Manager, SDK’s
  • Technical Product Manager, Developer Experience & relations
  • Technical Product Manager

Get started now with the investment that will pay dividends throughout your career

Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in live training sessions that will accelerate your journey towards becoming a successful API product manager.

Join our program today and experience the difference firsthand!


75,000 x 3

3 - part payment of N75,000

  • 100% Online
  • Live virtual class
  • Class recordings
  • 4-week Curriculum
  • Use cases for creating API
  • Lifetime Access to instructor's notes
  • 3-months Access to Class Replay
  • Private learning group
  • Access to Alumni Community & Job board
  • Certificate of Completion

102,500 x 2

2 - part payment of N102,500

  • 100% Online
  • Live virtual class
  • Class recordings
  • 4-week Curriculum
  • Use cases for creating API documentation
  • Lifetime Access to instructor's notes
  • 3-months Access to Class Replay
  • Private learning group
  • Access to Alumni Community & Job board
  • Certificate of Completion


One-time payment of N185,000

  • 100% Online
  • Live virtual class
  • Class recordings
  • 4-week Curriculum
  • Use cases for creating API documentation
  • Lifetime Access to instructor's notes
  • 3-months Access to Class Replay
  • Private learning group
  • Access to Alumni Community & Job board
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Save 5%