Product Manager Blueprint

Everything you need to thrive as a product manager, get recognized for your brilliance, and qualify for more impactful, senior roles.

Date: April 6th - May 18th, 2024

Elevate your Skills

Stand out

Compete Globally

Land Senior Roles

Product Management can be complex and competitive

Your role as a Product Manager is at the intersection of technology, business, and user experience. It's challenging to navigate the intricacies of the role, while also executing product strategies, understanding customer needs, and driving successful product launches.

You've done the hard work of breaking into Product Management, but now there's no specific guidance to help you excel in the role.

You find yourself feeling ill-equipped and unprepared for the promotion you want.

Without the right skills and expertise, your potential for success is limited.

That’s why we created Product Manager Blueprint

Product Manager Blueprint(PMB) helps you sharpen and validate your product manager skills so you can thrive in your career and qualify for senior roles. 

This program is for you if:

You are already a practicing Product Manager or startup founder building tech products.

You feel ill-equipped for your role because you don't have the core Product Management skills.

You want to learn the secret sauce behind-the-scenes of wildly successful products.

What you'll Learn

Product Thinking

Discover the responsibilities and roles of a product manager, master the essential product sense, and learn how to effectively collaborate with your team.

Product Design

Understand why and how to keep customers excited about your product through design thinking, empathy mapping, user research, and user personas.

Product Metrics

Gain practical knowledge of product KPIs, customer-oriented metrics, business-oriented metrics, and creating a metrics-driven culture.

Product Prioritization

Learn prioritization frameworks, how to prioritize tasks and initiatives, and make informed decisions on your action plan for new or revamped products.

Agile Methodology & Scrum Framework

Explore Agile product management methodologies, and master Scrum tools and techniques, to deliver top-notch products.

Product Growth

Master acquisition funnels, retention strategies, monetization, growth optimization techniques and learn how to analyse results and make improvements.

Product Roadmapping

Develop strategic product roadmaps and effective communication practices to align stakeholders and gain the support you need.

Product Marketing Strategy

Create a compelling product vision, develop your marketing arsenal, and learn market segmentation techniques.

Product Testing

Implement effective product test strategies and learn what it takes to probe your product before you release it to customers.

Product Launch

Leverage digital campaigns to connect products to customers and discover how to sustain growth beyond the launch.

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How it Works

While other courses give you tons of information and lists, PMB provides support, training, and a system you can confidently follow to accelerate your career.


100% Virtual, Live online Training
  • Get exposure to industry information, tools and everything you need to stand out as a Product Manager. Plus accessible replays.


Real-time interaction and networking
  • Connect with industry professionals, share insights, learn opportunities, ask questions, and expand your network.


Done-for-you templates and toolkit
  • Save valuable time with our comprehensive collection of Product Manager templates and resources.

Class Schedule

For 7 Saturdays

Morning Session: 9AM - 12PM WAT (GMT +1)

Afternoon Session: 3PM - 6PM WAT (GMT +1)

Date: April 6th - May 18th, 2024.

Here's everything you'll get:

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and struggling in silence. PMB has everything you need to thrive and unlock your full potential as a Product Manager.


Benefit from one-on-one sessions with industry experts and experienced professionals who are dedicated to your growth. Receive tailored advice on career development, industry trends, and how to apply your course knowledge effectively.

Cv Review

Ensure your CV stands out. Our coaches will review and provide valuable insights to make your application shine in the competitive job market.

certificate of completion

Upon successful completion, receive a certification recognizing your achievements. Showcase your new skills and knowledge to employers or add a valuable credential to your professional profile.


Get ready for practical information and case studies that take you behind the scenes of wildly successful products.

100% Online

The PMB program is entirely online, offering you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your home. 

capstone project 

Apply your newly acquired skills to a practical, real-world project that demonstrates your proficiency. Your Capstone Project becomes a focal point on your professional profile, allowing you to showcase your capabilities to potential employers and collaborators.

linkedin optimization

We will work with you to optimize your profile, ensuring it reflects your skills, aspirations effectively and also increase your discoverability by strategically incorporating relevant keywords that align with your professional goals.

Interview coaching

Practice makes perfect. Benefit from realistic mock interviews designed to simulate actual job scenarios, boosting your confidence and interview performance.

DONE-FOR-YOU Templates

Access a wide range of templates that will save you 15 hours per week, streamlining your product management workflow.

Live classes

Engage in 10 live group sessions where you'll receive personalized feedback and answers to your burning Product Management questions.

alumni hub & job board alert

Whether you're seeking career advice or exploring job prospects, our Alumni Community and Job Board are valuable resources to support your ongoing professional growth. Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive access to exciting opportunities.

class recordings

All live sessions are recorded, ensuring you have access to review, catch up, or dive deeper into the content whenever suits you best for 3 months.

Proven Curriculum

PMB curriculum gives everything you need to become an invaluable asset to your company, make impactful decisions and take ownership of your products.


Benefit from unlimited access to our experienced learning facilitators who will guide you through concepts and give immediate, personalized feedback.


Access to instructor notes from industry experts that you can study any day any time of your choice.

Get started now with the investment that will pay dividends throughout your career

Whatever your track record, PMB will fast-track your career growth and position you as a top-tier candidate. Choose from one of our payment options below:



264 x 3

3 part payment of £264 | $264 | N185,000

  • 100% Online
  • Live virtual class
  • Class recordings
  • 7-week PMB Curriculum
  • Interview Coaching
  • CV review
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Internationally Recognized (AIPMM) Certification Guide
  • Capstone Project
  • Mentorship
  • Done-for-you Templates
  • Access to Alumni Community & Job board
  • Certificate of Completion


393 x 2

2 part payment of £393 | $393 | N275,000

  • 100% Online
  • Live virtual class
  • Class recordings
  • 7-week PMB Curriculum
  • Interview Coaching
  • CV Review
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Internationally Recognized (AIPMM) Certification Guide
  • Capstone Project
  • Mentorship
  • Done-for-you Templates
  • Access to Alumni Community & Job board
  • Certificate of Completion



One time payment: £750 | $750 | N525,000

  • 100% Online
  • Live virtual class
  • Class recordings
  • 7-week PMB Curriculum
  • Interview Coaching
  • CV Review
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Internationally Recognized (AIPMM) Certification Guide
  • Capstone Project
  • Mentorship
  • Done-for-you Templates
  • Access to Alumni Community & Job board
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Save 5%

Another Payment Option

If you prefer to make a Bank Transfer, send the payment to:

United Bank for Africa (UBA) | 1026158825 | ProductDive

Kindly send your evidence of payment to

Hear what Tomi has to say about her experience with the Product Manager's Blueprint program.

Results you can expect after joining PMB

Our program provides a system you can confidently follow to achieve the following:

  • Master product management at every stage of the product lifecycle.
  • Become an attractive candidate for high-profile roles.
  • Deliver game-changing products with confidence and impact.
  • Ace Product Management exams and promotional tests with ease.


The past weeks have been nothing short of thrilling for me! I had the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in Product Management.

The live class modules were very intensive and hands-on, though it was difficult keeping up with my busy schedule I decided to dedicate a fixed time to learning every day.

During the classes and projects assigned to us by industry leaders; I did a lot of unlearning and relearning as regards to making more strategic product decisions, building a product-led team, figuring out the right metrics to track, and managing my stakeholders properly.

Special thanks to the Productive team for this opportunity to become world-class.

Looking forward to applying the new knowledge to making impactful product decisions and building for the next billion users!

Kene Ohiaeri

/ CTO, Common Identity


Over a month ago, I completed the Productive Product Manager's Blueprint program. It was a truly enriching experience that covered various topics including Market Analysis, Customer Research, from product ideation to launch.

As one who has led and supported the development of several products, this is one course I will recommend for anyone in the field of product management.

Since completing this course, my work as a product manager has been more efficient. I have applied some of the skills acquired such as stakeholder engagement, prioritization, user testing etc. into the development of some of the products I am working on that are scheduled for launch in the next few weeks.

Grateful for the many connections this program earned me, the generous instructors and the entire Productive team. Cheers to many more opportunities of learning and application of this knowledge.

Tersoo Hulugh

/ Product Manager, Maxify Global


For me, I walked into product management without knowing anything about what was, and I did product management with no intentionality for several years. When I finally found out what PMs do, my entire attitude to my work changed. I became intentional about creating products that truly met a need of my users. I then understood why some products failed, they had been created based on a perceived or imagined need and not actual user needs.

With my interest piqued, I wanted to learn more about product management. I researched product management courses and schools that were affordable, recognised and have a great curriculum. I finally registered at ProductDive and had an amazing time learning from PM gurus as well as leaders in some related fields. I am happy to announce that I have completed "The Product Manager's Blueprint Program" and I am calling myself a Product Manager with higher shoulder pads.

Rosemary Udele

/ Product Manager, Access Bank

Our Teaching Team

Tobi otokiti

Lead Product Manager, Flutterwave

David Adamu

Product Design Lead,
Camp Social

Grace Samuel

Head of Product,

Nnamdi Azodo

Product Manager, Digital Products&nbs