Product Leadership Program


Submit your application for PLP. Please note, this is a highly competitive program. We will be receiving many outstanding applications, but can only accept 50 people per cohort. Improve your chances at being selected by filling out your application in detail and helping us understand who you are, what your previous experience entails, and what your future ambitions are.

Applications are currently closed. You can apply for the next cohort:

  • November 2023 - Application Deadline October 16, 2023
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Tell us about your current role and responsibilities. Describe your company, stage, who you report to, and surrounding team.
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What is your previous experience in Product Management?
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Please describe your previous people management experience. Also include how many product people and surrounding functions report to you currently.
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What do you hope to accomplish as part of the Product Leadership Program?
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What do you consider to be the role of a Product Leader? How does that role contribute to the success of an organization?
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What skills are you looking to level up in order to become/succeed as a Product Leader; what is your biggest hurdle?
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Please note that PLP participants are required to attend four hours of live lecture and discussion time for one month, via Zoom. Do you foresee being able to accommodate this time commitment?
I Understand:
The information I will give below is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that an application is not a guaranteed admittance, and if not admitted, I can apply again for a future course date. If selected, I agree to participate in the Product Leadership Program for its full duration, which includes discussing certain work situations with my peers during class. I understand that I am fully responsible for keeping any of my company’s confidential information private, and ProductDive will not sign an NDA. I have read and understand the details of this program and acknowledge that as a member of the Product Leadership Program, I will carry out the responsibilities and adhere to the policies and expectations of the program to the best of my ability. I acknowledge the cost of the course and me or my company will pay the full tuition prior to the course start date, unless I have been awarded a scholarship. I also agree to the use of my name, photo, and likeness in marketing materials for the Product Leadership Program.