Pivot to Product Management

A step-by-step guide on how to transition into a core tech role without learning how to code or getting another degree - even if you have no previous tech experience.

Date: May 25th - July 20th, 2024

Layoff-proof your career

Break into Tech

Make Bigger Impact

Increase your earning

Product Management has caught your attention

Imagine a world where your skills, previous experience and passions align, where you can carve a rewarding path in the tech industry, without the need to learn coding or go back to school. That world is Product Management—a realm of growth, and endless possibilities.

Product Management has caught your attention for obvious reasons.

The only question is "Where do you start?" and "How soon can you land a role?"

Don't know where to start?

We've got you! We have 100s of students who've successfully landed Product Management roles, without previous tech experience - and you can too. Once you scale the 3 most common obstacles you'll face when you try to do it all by yourself:

You're not sure how to transfer or package the skills from your previous job

You don’t have access to insider information or “network” to connect you with the jobs

You don't know how to tailor your CV and ace interviews for Product Management roles

Start here!

Land your first Product Management role within 6 months by enrolling in
Pivot to Product Management (PPM).

This program equips you with everything you need:


Hone the Product Management skills required to stand out and build the competence necessary to accelerate your PM career.


You'll leave this program, with a winning Product Manager CV and the ability to ace any Product Manager Interview.


No experience? No worries! While we do not promise automatic product management placements, we support you on this journey to help get a 3-month internship opportunity at no extra cost.  The internship program is a bonus and not a part of the program.

Pivot to Product Management (PPM)

PPM was created by the #1 accredited AIPMM Partner in West Africa

Enrol in PPM now and save yourself months of trial and error, endless research, and generic career advice.

With our self-paced, step-by-step curriculum, live coaching, and supportive community, you'll achieve your dream of becoming a product manager in tech - even without previous PM experience.



Before PPM, I knew very little about what it took to be a Product Manager, but I was curious and needed my career to take a different turn. The training helped position me for a PM role and gave me the foundation to get my first PM job at SeamlessHR. I cannot thank ProductDive enough for the value and knowledge.

Fumnaya Okeleke-Kooper

/ Senior Product Manager, Ampersand E-Mobility


The training, live coaching, and interview preparation from this program made my first Product Management job possible.

I totally recommend ProductDive 100% if you need helping in successfully pivoting into product management.

Tosin Dada-Phillips

/ Senior Product Manager, Bankly


My experience had been great, my best week was the Scrum ceremony week. I enjoyed working with my group and also putting everything I have learnt into practice.

It gave me the confidence boost to feel like a real Product Manager. Thank you for everything.

Ajala Azeezat

/ Associate Business Partner, Nomba

Get Matched

Several students from our Pivot to Product Management have been placed in top companies for internships, showcasing the effectiveness of our training and support.

What Titilayo has to say about our Pivot to Product Management


Beyond our proven curriculum trusted by 100s of successful PMs, you'll also get:

PPM Tribe

Plug into the friendliest PM community ever, connecting with talented product managers like yourself who are on their own growth journey.

Capstone Project

Participate in a capstone project that hones your project management skills, with live feedback and immediate professional recommendations.

3-months Internship

With this bonus, you can gain a competitive edge with access to ProductDive Internship Program. Please note that we do not promise guaranteed internship job placements.

Accelerate your Career

While other courses give you tons of information, PPM will help you land your dream job in product management quickly and confidently.
Within 10 weeks, you'll kickstart your PM career:


Understanding Product Management
  • Introduction to Product Management
  • Transition Stories and Strategies
  • Career Navigation and Portfolio Building
  • Understanding Product Lifecycle


Core Skills Development
  • Product Discovery and Understanding Users.
  • Product Vision and Strategy.
  • User Stories, Epics, and Wireframing.
  • Prioritization, Analytics, and Agile Methodologies.


Professional Readiness and Communication
  • Communication and Collaboration in Scrum Teams.
  • Professional Profile Enhancement for Product Managers.
  • Interview Preparation and Presentation Skills.
  • Final Project Preparation.

Class Review Schedule

Saturday: 8 AM - 10 AM WAT (GMT +1)

Date: May 25th - July 20th, 2024

What You'll Learn

The responsibilities and scope of a Product Manager's role within different industries and company structures.

Explore the varied opportunities within Product Management, including industry diversity, work environments, and salary insights.

Identify and assess the core skills, competencies, and achievements necessary for success in Product Management.

Analyse and learn from real-life stories of successful transitions into Product Management.

Understand the methods and strategies for career transitions into Product Management, addressing challenges such as pay cuts and skill-building.

Build a portfolio showcasing relevant skills and experiences for Product Management roles.

Master the concept of the Product Lifecycle and its pivotal role within Product Management responsibilities, emphasizing its impact on decision-making and strategy formulation.

Unlock the secrets methods to identify market needs and validate potential product ideas.

Gain practical insights into crafting user personas and understanding user behaviours crucial for effective product development.

Discover the secrets to crafting a clear and compelling product vision and mission.

Learn strategies for aligning a product strategy with broader company objectives.

Explore methodology of writing actionable and valuable user stories.

Harness the fundamentals of wireframing in product design and development.

Discover various frameworks and strategies for prioritizing product features and tasks.

Hone the fundamentals of product analytics and its role in making data-driven product decisions.

Uncover the basics of Agile methodologies and their application in product development.

Explore the roles and dynamics within Agile Scrum teams and how they contribute to product development.

Harness the techniques and strategies for fostering effective collaboration and communication within teams.

Learn how to engage stakeholders and adapting communication styles based on their needs and expectations.

Explore the strategies in optimizing your LinkedIn profiles and utilizing the platform for networking.

Gain practical insights into tailoring resumes to highlight relevant skills and experiences for Product Management roles.

Uncover effective networking strategies and crafting impactful scripts for various networking scenarios.

Get prepared for Product Management interviews by structuring responses and interview preparation strategies.

Discover technologies on crafting and delivering impactful presentations relevant to Product Management roles.

Tools to be learnt:




Date: May 25th - July 20th, 2024

Your dream career is calling. Take the leap! Enrollment closes in:


You missed out!

Here's everything you'll get:

Say goodbye to slow career growth and limited earning potential. PPM gives you everything you need to pivot into tech through Product Management, no matter your professional background, or experience level

Proven Curriculum

From theory to practical application, PPM provides the tools to set you up for your career with Case studies, Templates and practical Knowledge.

Live Training with q &A

6 Live group sessions where you meet with a facilitator who’s committed to your success and will provide answers to tough questions at anytime.

interview MOCKUP

Product Leaders will interview you and give customized feedback, immediately. You’ll learn how to answer industry-specific interview questions.

capstone project

Participate in a group project that hones your Product Management skills and strengthens your CV


Save time with templates like our PRD guide, software engineering glossary deck, and more

3-months internship *Bonus

While the internship is not a part of the PPM program, if selected we provide an opportunity for you to strengthen your CV with industry-specific experience through the ProductDive Internship Program.

PLUS Bonuses worth paying for:

Bonus 01
Extra 3-months Access

Enjoy an additional 3 months of access to the course materials, ensuring you have ample time to reinforce your learning.

Bonus 02
PPM Community

Join a friendly community where you can collaborate, share insights, access opportunities and grow your network.

Bonus 03
Certificate of Completion

Receive a prestigious, industry-recognized certification upon completing the program, to showcase your expertise.

Your Career Possibilities

Here are roles that you can get employed as after taking this program:

  • Associate Product Manager
  • Product Analyst
  • Product Coordinator
  • Junior Product Owner
  • Product Specialist
  • Product Marketing Coordinator
  • Product Operations Specialist
  • Product Support Specialist
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Product Research Assistant
  • Product Development Coordinator
  • Product Strategy Associate

Get started now with the investment that will pay dividends throughout your career

Secure an exciting Product Management role in 6 months? It's possible!
Enrolment closes on May 17th, 2024.
Choose from one of our payment options below:

Payment can be made in 🇳🇬Naira, 🇬🇧GBP, 🇺🇸USD



221 x 3

Three (3) time payments of
£258 | $221 | N155,000

  • 100% Online
  • Self-paced program
  • 10-week of PPM Curriculum, practical real-world experience and handholding from Product Managers
  • Product Demo
  • Interview Coaching and Product manager interview preparation
  • Employability skills (CV writing and LinkedIn profile assistance)
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Industry-standard Capstone project
  • Job placement support (Internship and full-time)
  • Access to PPM Tribe & Job board
  • Access to the over 7500+ ProductDive Alumni network globally.
  • Industry-recognised certificate
  • Send evidence of payment to finance@productdive.com


315 x 2

Two (2) time payments of
£366 | $315 | N220,000

  • 100% Online
  • Self-paced program
  • 10-week of PPM Curriculum, practical real-world experience and handholding from Product Managers
  • Product Demo
  • Interview Coaching and Product manager interview preparation
  • Employability skills (CV writing and LinkedIn profile assistance)
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Industry-standard Capstone project
  • Job placement support (Internship and full-time)
  • Access to PPM Tribe & Job board
  • Access to the over 7500+ ProductDive Alumni network globally.
  • Industry-recognised certificate
  • Save 3%
  • Send evidence of payment to finance@productdive.com



Pay at once and in full
£699 | $600 | N420,000

  • 100% Online
  • Self-paced program
  • 10-week of PPM Curriculum, practical real-world experience and handholding from Product Managers
  • Product Demo
  • Interview Coaching and Product manager interview preparation
  • Employability skills (CV writing and LinkedIn profile assistance)
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Industry-standard Capstone project
  • Job placement support (Internship and full-time)
  • Access to PPM Tribe & Job board
  • Access to the over 7500+ ProductDive Alumni network globally.
  • Industry-recognised certificate
  • Save 5%
  • Send evidence of payment to finance@productdive.com

Another Payment Option

If you prefer to make a Bank Transfer, send the payment to:

United Bank for Africa (UBA) | 1026158825 | ProductDive

Kindly send your evidence of payment to finance@productdive.com

Not sure what program to apply for?

If you are not sure which program is right for you, or you would like to join our next cohort or you have any questions about ProductDive, you probably need some clarification.
That’s okay! Our ProductDive Program Specialist would be happy to speak with you.
You can email them at admissions@productdive.com or you can fill this form right away and a Program Specialist would reach out to you to discuss next steps to achieve this incredible goal!

Which of our programs are you interested in?
  • Which of our programs are you interested in?
  • Pivot to Product Management
  • Product Manager's Blueprint
  • UK Agile Product Manager Program.
  • Create Winning API-Led Products
  • Product Management Foundation
  • Product Management Launchpad

Only Authorised (AIPMM) Training Partner, West Africa

PPM is a program by ProductDive, the only authorised AIPMM Training Partner in West Africa. Our curriculum is proven, backed by over a decade of experience. We have 1500+ alumni representation in the most successful tech companies across several industries including health tech, fintech, ed-tech, and more.

Hi! I'm Tobi Otokiti

10 years ago, I got tired of my role in a software organisation because I didn’t really enjoy programming. I felt I could do more with my strengths. I wanted a job where I could use my soft skills to get results without programming.

I wanted a job that was exciting and dynamic so I could keep learning new things. I wanted a job that would always be marketable and globally recognised.

I started taking certifications and training programs to help me identify what I would like. I took Oracle certifications, CCNA, Huawei Certified Data Com, Customer Support, Animation, name it!

Until I discovered Product Management.

Product management was the best fit for my personality. It helped me harness my creativity, exhibit my strengths, and work in tech without programming.

Today, I lead a team of product managers in one of the top tech companies in Africa, I’ve spoken at global conferences including the world’s largest Product Management Conference "Mind the Product", Africa Tech Summit, The Women in Tech Conference, etc. I’ve been interviewed by BBC, I'm on Forbes Technology Council, and to be honest, it took me a while to get here. I did not know what I was doing or what was expected when I started a Product management role. I could not find a lot of practical training or a lot of people to ask for help.

That's why I started ProductDive and created this program. PPM will save you time, money and shorten your learning curve. Take the leap and enrol today so you can quickly begin this exciting and rewarding career.

ProductDive Career growth as a Product Manager

Work smartly & Get results quickly.

The journey is harder alone. Let's surround you with talented Product Managers, job opportunities, and a support network that will accelerate your career.

What Makes PPM Different?

While there are so many Product Management trainers today, ProductDive is widely known and recognized for a reason: Our Alumni stand out! This is no surprise, when you consider our:


PPM goes beyond theory. You'll work on case studies, participate in mock interviews, and receive immediate feedback and recommendations to boost your career readiness.


Surround yourself with ambitious individuals, accomplished mentors, and industry experts who support and inspire you. Forge valuable connections that extend beyond the program.


PPM was not created by some entrepreneur who ventured into PM education. It's a strategic roadmap, created by Product Leaders with a successful career in tech. #MadeByPMsforPMs

My major fear was “Will I understand it?”

It's been amazing! My major fear was “Will I understand it?” Thanks to the course content, excellent instructor, great encouragement, and feedback from the success coordinator, I am confident in my ability to thrive as a PM. From the assignment reviews to the team collaboration, and being listed as one of the potential star students of the cohort, boosted my confidence. It's been an amazing journey. I am glad to be part of this Cohort. 

Oluwayomi Oladeji // product manager, EL-berit Academy

I've been spreading the word.

The last two weeks have pushed me and made me believe in myself. Every assignment stretched me and increased my confidence. I particularly enjoy the Saturday sessions because you can see the student success coordinator genuinely wants us to win. I've already been spreading the word about ProductDive to my close friends.

Monique Takor // product manager, DETAIL AND AVEDIA CONSULTING

Definitely worth it!

My experience during the class was phenomenal. It was simplified in a way that anyone without prior knowledge would be able to understand. I love that the classes were not overwhelming but still packed enough with information. The assignments were easy to understand and very relatable. Our success co-ordinator was patient and brilliant. The entire experience is definitely worth it for anyone who wants to pivot to Product management. I have been recommending to any and everyone.


Frequently asked questions

Who is the course for?

You’re a career professional from any background/ industry who doesn’t have prior experience in building digital products as a product manager.

What's the duration of the program?

The curriculum and live training (completely online) last for 10 weeks. While the optional Apprenticeship program runs for 3 months.

How is the curriculum delivered?

It is delivered virtually.

1. 6 Live online coaching sessions.
2. Self-paced quality video lessons.
3. 20+Workbooks, PM Templates.
4. Access to exclusive TPM tribe.

When I make payment where can I send the evidence of payment to?

 Kindly send evidence of payment to finance@productdive.com

For more enquiries, reach us at admissions@productdive.com

I'm already a Product Manager. Can I enroll?

We understand why you'll want to invest in quality Product Management training, but this is not the right one for you. Instead, we recommend Product Manager Blueprint, our life-changing program tailored for practicing Product Managers like you. You'll love it! We'll be delighted to answer any question. Please email admissions@productdive.com

How do I qualify for the certificate?

These are the 3 criteria for getting the certificate of completion:

1. You've completed payment.

2. You have completed the course to 100%.

3.You have submitted and defended your capstone project.

How does the apprenticeship program work?

Thanks for your interest. Kindly send an email to admissions@productdive.com We'll be delighted to answer any question. 

I still have other questions not answered yet.

Thanks for your interest. We'll be delighted to answer any question. Please email: admissions@productdive.com

Here's what to expect after joining PPM


Within 24 hours, you'll get an email from us with information about upcoming dates, what to expect, and how to prepare. No email yet? Check the junk folder as well. We've got you!

3 Months from now

Your CV will stand out in any application, you’ll ace PM interviews because you’ve learned from the best and are plugged into the most resourceful PM community you know.

6 Months from now

You’ll go from not even understanding Product Management lingo to landing your dream  job quicker than you expected and thriving as an excellent product manager.


PPM is your springboard into a fail-proof Tech career.