Extra INcome

Get Paid to be a


get paid to be a mentor

What is this about?

We are happy to inform you about an exclusive opportunity to become a Product Mentor that not only benefits your career but also provides an opportunity for you to give back to the community.

The goal is to connect our talented students with companies like where you work, thereby creating a mutually beneficial learning experience for them.

During this time, we believe that you'll have the chance to show that your expertise as a Product Manager can greatly contribute to this initiative.

Why become a mentor


You'll have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the career development of other trained Product Managers.

Personal Growth

You'll gain a fresh perspective on your own career and enhance your ability to lead and inspire teams.


You'll expand your professional network, forge valuable connections with the next generation of Product Managers.

Extra Income

We understand the value of your time and expertise. As a Product Mentor you will be paid.

Program Criteria and Details

  • Industry: Tech
  • Team: Engineers and Designers
  • Duration of the apprenticeship: 3 Months.
  • Eligibility: Practicing product managers with a minimum of 3 years experience who can accept mimimum of 3 students to work with in their orgnisation.
  • Commitment: Daily check-in

Become a Product Mentor

Partner with the right people, in the right environment to grow their career as a Product Leader