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As a company, your reputation is defined by the quality of your services and the capabilities of your employees. Most importantly, employees are believed to be a direct reflection of the company’s culture. 

ProductDive recognizes the need for employee training to match the company’s standards and reflect the quality through a responsive, customer-centric, and innovation-driven organisational culture. 

Stay ahead of the competition by rapidly accelerating the growth of your digital team through internal reskilling. 

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ProductDive collaborates with professionals in the industry to create transformative learning experiences and partners with top corporations globally to offer corporate training.

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ProductDive programs offer immersive, 36-hour, project-based learning experiences that have equipped thousands of students with product management skills and launched new careers. Our proven programs rapidly develop product talent.

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Pivot into Product Management Program

Overall Rating: 4/5

Our Pivot to Product Management Program (PPM) helps you become a product manager in tech within 6 months even if you have no previous PM experience.

In PPM, you'll get a proven step-by-step process, live coaching, and a supportive community.

You'll identify and communicate your PM skills, create a winning CV, build your PM portfolio and land your dream job without wasting time, learning to code, or engaging in “weird networking practices”.

Product Management Blueprint Program

Overall Rating: 5/5

Product Manager Blueprint (PMB) gives you the tools, support and training to thrive in your role and stand out among other Product Professionals in your industry.

PMB provides a system you can confidently follow to sharpen and validate your product manager skills so you can qualify for higher paying jobs.

You’ll be knowledgeable enough to make decisions and armed with the right skills to get the job done.

Growth Product Management

Overall Rating: 5/5

Is optimising your product for profitability a priority to you?

Join our Growth Product Management Program, guided by experienced product managers from leading companies who will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum, and provide real-world case studies to enhance your understanding.

Enrol today to take the next step in your product management journey!

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