Director of Products, Google


Hi, I'm Ebi Atawodi

Ebi is the director of products in Google building YouTube Studio - the home for Creators. She was previously Director of Product, Payments EMEA at Netflix and the Head of Product, Payments and Financial Products at Uber. She cares about building sustainable products that make a lasting impact over at least two generations.

She is the creator of the Etisalat Prize for Literature - named Africa’s most prestigious literary prize. She is an author, designer and curator of photobooks Nigerians Behind the Lens and FIVE. Nigerians Behind the Lens opened the 2011 Bonham's Africa Now exhibition, inspired one of the first African photography exhibitions with Adolphus Opara at the Tate Modern, and a photo exhibition of Jide Alakija at the Smithsonian Institute. 

What You’ll Learn During This Session

  • We will explore the concept of "Customer-Centric Innovation" and delve into its significance in driving successful product leadership.
  • This session aims to inspire and equip product leaders with the knowledge and tools to drive customer-centric innovation within their organizations. By embracing customer-centricity, we can unlock the secrets to successful product leadership and create products that not only meet customer needs but also exceed expectations, fostering long-term business success. 
  • We will delve into the powerful impact of customer-centricity on business success, a critical aspect of achieving sustainable growth and a competitive edge in today's dynamic marketplace. 
  • You will gain the knowledge and strategies to effectively cultivate a customer-centric culture within your organisation, promoting a mindset where customer satisfaction and experience are prioritised across all levels and departments.

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