Chief Product Officer, Flutterwave


Hi, I'm Chuka Ofili

Chuka has a career spanning almost two decades as a technopreneur, software architect, and engineer with experience in product architecture, design, devOps, and full-stack development roles. He is currently the Chief Product Officer at Flutterwave and the founder of Studiopedia, a production company leveraging technology to help educators and creatives produce and distribute digital content globally. He previously was the engineering lead within the new product experimentation org at Meta. In addition, he is the founder of Interstellar Labs, a technology company that builds developer experiences.

Previously a full-stack engineer and software architect (Network) at Gigster, and co-founded FieldInsight, a tech startup in Nigeria that seeks to help organizations across Africa get data to manage and monitor field workers through near real-time visualizations).

Chuka is also a Google Developer Expert, a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, and a tech mentor in the Google for Startups program.

What You’ll Learn During This Session

  • In this fireside chat, you will have a unique opportunity to ask questions to the Chief Product Officer of Flutterwave, a leading financial technology company where he would share valuable experiences, insights, and challenges faced in building tech products within the fintech industry.
  • You will gain valuable lessons from both successes and setbacks, providing actionable takeaways for their own product development endeavours.
  • We will explore the fascinating world of Fintech Product Development, with firsthand insights into the unique aspects and considerations involved in creating innovative solutions, particularly in the realm of payment solutions, within the rapidly evolving fintech industry.
  •  We will shed light on the companies approach to embracing innovation and adopting cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead in the fintech space.

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